The panels are producing enough that I can run my furnace, washing machine, dishwasher, and still have enough to power the battery!

Louis Peña

First off, I’d like to thank Mr. Johnson for changing my perception on solar. With all of the scammers in this industry, Jay Johnson answered all of my questions and helped this process go as smooth as possible. Thank you!

I have a 22kW all black system and soon won’t be paying for electricity again!

Michael Taivalmaa

Jay and his team are professional and of the highest caliper.. I would use them on all of my solar projects.

Rick Fulcer

Excellent service with attention to detail. Quality is a high priority and follow-up service is very professional.

Tony Escobedo

Jay was a complete professional. Extremely knowledgeable about a subject that I have been interested in for years. I have spoken to a few different installers and got the car salesman vibe from all of them. But Jay, he was patient with me and didn’t pressure me. He gave me the best price out of the installers and I am very happy with my solar system.

Rob euhardy

Wow, very impressed! Started looking into solar, called three companies two never called me back. Jay showed up the next day, Johnny on the spot, I can’t understand why anybody would not install solar, especially business owners.

Barb Trochinski

Jay responded to our request for a repair after and lighting and high wind storm. He was the only one of three contractors I contacted to respond. I had installed the array myself with the assistance of a Master Electrician who normally does not do solar installs but did the install as a favor to me. Jay was timely in his diagnostic visit, sought warrantee replacement for the inverter after communication with Solar Edge as the problem was related to an issue that was not supposed to happen with a power surge. Jay returned with his assistant the 2 days after the replacement parts were received — completed the install and tested the system–ALL IS GOOD!!!

About 2 years ago Jay rewired a metal roof mounted array for me as snow slide had damaged cabling — same result — up and running in a few days and continued worry free performance. Count on Jay!

Daniel Brown

Great company, very professional and clean. Love their work and it definitely will save me money…. Keep up the great work, you guys are the best!!! Thanks

Rene Peters

Jay and his crew were very punctual and never late. The installation was professionally done. He was extremely pleasant. My husband and I are extremely pleased and looking forward to saving on energy costs!

Bob Fink

I contacted Independent Solar and they answered all my questions, gave me clear and understandable quotes, and did not pressure me into making a decision toward solar. I took the plunge, and am very satisfied that I did. The installation of my 5kw system took only a day. All the paperwork, permits, and legwork were done in a professional manner. Jay has called or emailed a few times just to follow up and make sure I am still satisfied with everything. I would recommend using Independent Solar to anyone interested in going solar. My system saves me about $600 each year compared to my electric bill before I went solar.