Solar Energy FAQs

Despite the fact solar energy has been in the mainstream for more than two decades, misconceptions and misinformation about the technology continue. Many people have questions about the viability of solar power for their home, business or institution. Here are some of the most common questions relating to solar energy in Appleton, WI:

Will my panels produce energy when it’s cloudy outside?

Solar panels rely on sunshine to produce electricity, so they aren’t capable of generating power at night. Even during a cloudy day, however, a certain amount of sunlight does filter down, allowing your panels to generate electricity.

Does solar installation impact my property values?

Some studies show solar installations increase property values, which makes sense! Prospective buyers are likely to pay more for a home or commercial site if they think that they’re going to pay less money in energy expenditures over time.

What happens if snow gets on my solar panels?

When solar panels are covered with snow, light can’t reach the photovoltaic surface, meaning that the panels are unable to produce electricity. It’s important to remove snow from panels to continue producing energy for your home or commercial site.

How much can I expect to pay upfront for solar installation?

There are many $0 down solar options for home and business owners like financing. Generally, if you can keep up with your energy bills and mortgage, you can afford to invest in renewable energy in Appleton, WI.

What are the financial benefits of solar?

By investing in solar, you can reduce or eliminate your electric bill. Once the investment pays itself off, you get to use the money you were paying for electricity anyway you choose!

Another benefit to solar energy systems is the increase of value on your property. Studies show, on average, a 5kW system will increase a property’s value by $20,000.

Adding solar panels to your property will pay for itself AND increase your property value! That is a Win-Win investment!

What happens when the weather is bad?

The sun still reaches the solar panels when it is cloudy and rainy. They will produce less than on a sunny day, however, they don’t stop production when it rains.

If you live in an area that receives heavy snow, you may want to consider a ground mounted system that is easier to clean during the winter months. The snow will melt off of the panels faster than it would off of a roof, and with the right tools, the snow can be removed to continue producing at maximum capacity.

With Net Metering, you will over produce in the warmer months which will spin your meter backwards and add credits to your electric bill.

Can I go off-grid?

Yes, you have the room for a battery bank, which needs to be housed inside, you can go off-grid. This will prevent you from losing electricity when there is a power outage.

If you choose to stay grid-tied, the system will shut down in a power outage for safety reasons. If this is a concern, Independent Solar can build a package to include a generator to cover you in those times of power loss.

How much will solar panels cost to maintain?

The great thing about solar is there is no moving parts. This results in a practically maintenance free system. Once or twice a year, spray the panels down with a garden hose and window cleaner, much like you would the windows on your house. That’s it. The incredible warranties will cover most damage done to the panels, racking, and inverter.

What size system should I get?

Independent Solar will help you find the right size system to fit your needs. Have your electric bill handy and give us a call. We will determine what size system will fit on your roof or chosen ground area and match it as closely as possible with your current energy usage to eliminate as much of your energy bill as possible. We use tools that factor weather in your specific area to estimate your solar needs.

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