Agricultural Solar Panels

Agricultural Solar Panels

Need agricultural solar panels installed on your farmland? At Independent Solar, our experts serve the Waupaca, WI community and beyond, providing solar solutions to make your property as energy-efficient as possible. As a NABCEP-certified company, we focus on providing high-quality solar panel options for our agricultural, commercial, and residential clients alike.

Have questions about residential solar panel cost, or what’s needed to prepare for a solar panel installation? Please give our experts a call today at 920-740-9123 or email us at Contact us for an estimate today. We can install solar panels on your property and barn rooftops to help you conserve energy! Solar panels can even be recycled following use.

Solar Panel Farm Cost

Thinking about investing in a solar panel farm? The cost of your solar panel farm is well worth the investment. As you prepare to invest in solar panels, you will definitely want to research your options to gain the biggest ROI for your solar panel installation. The overall solar panel farm cost will depend on the size of your land and how many panels will need to be installed. For a quote, please contact Independent Solar today.

Solar Panel Farm Cost Factors:

  1. the amount of land available for a solar panel installation,
  2. the amount of sunlight your property gets during the day,
  3. grid proximity, and
  4. soil quality.

In addition, to start your own solar panel farm, you will want to take into account the following:

  • The amount of land that you will need for your solar farm
  • The legal requirements for setting up a solar farm in your area
  • How much solar panels will cost you per acre
  • How the electric connections will work
  • Plans for how the plant be cleaned and maintained
  • Knowing how much you will need to invest in your solar panel installation

Agricultural Solar Panel FAQS

Can you put solar panels on agricultural land?

Yes, absolutely! Agricultural land and farm buildings are ideal for large agricultural solar panel systems. They are low maintenance, and are an environmentally-friendly way of generating electricity for farms. You will need to consider soil quality, size of land, etc., before having a solar panel system installed on your land.

How many solar panels do I need to run a farm?

In general, a farmer will need approximately 64 panels in order to produce 3,000 kWh each month. If you prefer solar panels that produce less power (such as 200-W), you will need more solar panels installed to compensate.

Do solar farms ruin soil?

If you are concerned about the effects of solar panels to your farmland, for your peace of mind, studies have shown no significant removal of nutrients from the soil.

Can I turn my farm into a solar farm?

Is your land a flat open space that between 20 to 25 acres? Then your land is perfect for an average-sized solar panel farm. Solar panels on your property can improve your future land values.

How much money does one acre of solar panels make?

Your actual profit will depend on the state and location irradiance (this is also known as peak-sun hours), however, the estimate for one acre of solar panels is around $14,000.

About Independent Solar

Why choose our company for agricultural solar panels? Independent Solar is committed to excellent solar energy system installation services. Based out of Waupaca, WI, we are focused on serving local customers in the Waupaca area and beyond throughout the state of Wisconsin. As a NABCEP certified company, we are proud of our commitment to residential, commercial, and agricultural customers alike.

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